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Floral Arrangements and Homeware at The Grey Green

Sunday, April 22, 2018
Within the bustling streets of the city stands The Grey Green, a dainty little two-story flower shop filled with blossoming roses, carnations, gladiolus, and many more. From the outside their whole building has a minimalist design, just plain grey and white walls, and big window panes. Although, once you see the entrance and the inside you'll be amazed by all the greenery. Hence, the name - The Grey Green.

VENUE: The Grey Green

ADDRESS: Avenida Dr. Mario Soares, S/N Posto De Atendimento E I.C., R/C Posto MACAU

OPERATING HOURS: Daily 10:30 - 19:30

CONTACT NUMBER: (+853) 2850 9180

INSTAGRAM: @thegreygreen

At the entrance, you could choose from all the available flowers to curate your own bouquet and they would help wrap it up, enclosed with The Grey Green sticker. You could also purchase pre-made bouquets that are all beautifully made with fresh flowers and special arrangements. However, the latter needs to be ordered in advance. 

In addition, they also sell home-ware, potted plants, body care items, candles, and greeting cards. 

Their interiors beautifully presents their aesthetic and theme. White painted walls, wooden shelves and furniture, decorated plants, as well as a unique ceiling piece. Definitely a must-visit around the busy streets of Macau.

If all this intrigues you, go check them out for yourself! And don't forget to show us your pictures , when you do - use the hashtag #theeditmacau on our Instagram page: @theeditmacau

Tap Seac Craft Market 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018
This April, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Macau's Tap Seac Craft Market Programme. The event was first held on 2008 and has since then became a platform for creative and artistic specialists, both foreigners and locals, to showcase their work and sell to the public. This year, over 200 booths have volunteered in joining this joyous event, ranging from artworks, workshops, accessories, clothing, home furnishings, and local food chains. All volunteering businesses come from different Asian countries and regions such as: Hong Kong, Taiwan, Mainland China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and of course Macau.

EVENT: Tap Seac Craft Market

DATES: April 13-15 and 20-22, 2018

OPERATING HOURS: Fri 05:00 pm to 10:00 pm | Sat and Sun 03:00 pm to 10:00 pm 

ADDRESS: Tap Seac Square, Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida, Macau

Take a walk around the stalls and check out all the different items they offer. You'd be amazed by each stalls creativity and originality. Most of what you'll find are jewelry, post cards, bags, dream catchers, and stickers. Most of the items being sold are cheap and affordable, despite being custom made and/or hand made. You'd even see some of their artists working on the spot! If you feel tired from promenading around the booths, you can grab some snacks at the food corner, take a seat on the stairs, and enjoy live music performance at the Craft Market Concert.

The whole event is magical and is really an eye-opening on how creative and artistic our little region really is. Go check it our for yourselves before it's too late! 

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H&M Conscious Exclusive 2018

Saturday, April 14, 2018
So, are you into eye-catching, Moroccan-style prints, and long, flowy pieces? If your answer is yes, then you might want to catch the latest H&M Conscious Exclusive collection at select stores and online when it drops. We were lucky enough to be invited to the preview at the H&M showroom to check out the newest pieces, sip on champagne, and make personalized bath salts to take home.

The pieces are to-die-for, of course. Personally, the Conscious collection is one of our favorites - a perfect mix of beautiful, unique pieces and the fact that H&M has invested in organic silks, cottons, and recycled plastics to make them. 

Also, remember to "Close the Loop" by giving H&M your old clothes in exchange for vouchers to purchase new ones. Reading about how fast fashion is contributing to the tonnes of waste makes us really think about an alternative method, and, though this may not be perfect, it's a start.

Anyways, if you want a piece of the collection (and personally we're partial to the amazing, green 'Blair' dress if you're wondering), the best option for us Macau locals is to go online on the H&M Online Site or download the H&M app on the app store.

Follow us on @theeditmacau for even more fun stuff coming soon, and tag us with #styleeditmacau with your best H&M looks.


From now to 22 April, customers will receive double vouchers (10% discount on one item on their next purchase) when they give their unwanted garments, in any brand, any condition to any H&M stores. The aim is to create a closed loop for textiles, so that unwanted clothes can be reused and recycled to create fresh textile fibres for new products.

The long-term goal is to have zero garments going to landfill, as well as saving on natural resources.
Bring the unwanted textiles to H&M and let us give them a new life!

Cafe Review | Rooftop Cafe Macau

Saturday, April 14, 2018
Here in Macau, as in everywhere else, coffee has become one of the most common pastimes. Cafes in Macau have gotten more unique, coffees become more artisan, and tastes more discerning than even a decade ago. Finding a cafe that offers both something unique and a decent cuppa has never been easier. For today's Cafe Review, we'll walk you through why we think Rooftop Macau should be you next best coffee stop when you're in Macau.

VENUE: Rooftop Macau

ADDRESS: Rua Correia Da Silva, No. 49, Taipa, Macau

OPERATING HOURS: Sun-Tue & Thurs 11:30 - 20:00 | Closed on Wednesdays | Fri & Sat 13:00 - 22:00 

CONTACT NUMBER: (+853) 6252 6387 / 6633 4009

What Rooftop lacks in the number of choices on its menu, it more than makes up for with the quality of the coffee it serves. Their coffee roasts are darker and creamier than most cafes, and they have all the usual coffee choices, such as Americanos and Latte. No food though, so don't go on an empty stomach. While their coffee is good to-go for a quick caffeine fix, stay in-premises when you have the time.

The place itself is a hipster dream, with an aesthetically pleasing rooftop seating area overlooking Rua do Cunha that lives up to its name. The interior is decorated with unvarnished wooden furniture, potted plants, and vines climbing up the walls, giving off that cozy, vintage vibe. Not into the outdoors, there is also an indoor seating area that seats a grand total of four people next to a large window looking down into the street below.

Aside from coffee, they also sell lifestyle items such as customized furniture, homeware, stationery, accessories, and even tees. You'd be amazed by their artwork and designs, and might even end up buying a souvenir.

To summarize, Rooftop Macau was a great experience overall. It's a perfect coffee spot for some relaxing me-time. Try going around 5-6 PM, and make it to sunset, when the sun goes down and the fairy lights go up. It is magical.

If all this intrigues you, go check them out for yourself! And don't forget to show us your pictures , when you do - use the hashtags #theeditmacau and #coffeeeditmacau on our Instagram page: @theeditmacau

Which Macau coffee stop should we look into next?

Let us know in the comments below!

Insta-Worthy Macau | Old Taipa Village

Tuesday, April 10, 2018
It's no secret that Macau has lots of Insta-worthy spots - with a perfect blend of Chinese and Portuguese architecture that stands to this day. For this segment of  Insta-Worthy Macau, we are taking you to one of Macau's famous tourist destinations: Old Taipa Village. Lined with pastel-colored buildings, hidden street art, and bursts of nature in every corner, it is a perfect spot for long walks. An hour, or even two, would not be enough to explore every ally of this place.

The Rua do Cunha area is also where you'll find a collection of restaurants, food stalls, cafes, and souvenir shops. Try most of Macau's famous foods, such as Portuguese egg tarts and the pork chop bun. If you prefer biking, there are places that offer hourly bike rentals as well. It truly is a place to enjoy and chill the Macanese way of life.

Other things you must see and do in Old Taipa Village include:
  • Museum of Taipa and Coloane History
  • Pak Tai Temple
  • Kun Iam Temple
  • Cunha Street
  • Flea Market (Only on Sundays from 11:00 am to 08:00 pm)

Best time to visit: 
  • Around 09:00 in the morning until the afternoon
  • Go on the weekdays to avoid the massive influx of crowds

How to get to Old Taipa Village:
  • By Public Bus - Nos. 11, 15, 22, 28A, 30, 33 and 34
  • By Taxi - Show the Taxi Driver 地堡街的士站 – 黑橋巴士站對面 [Tam Chai Kun Ia Gai] - fare may reach 60 MOP depending on your location

We hope you enjoyed this pick for Insta-Worthy Macau! Get to instagramming dear readers, and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @theeditmacau as well for more insta-moments, Macau-style.

Cafe Review | Wonderwall Cafe Macau

Sunday, April 08, 2018
Nothing beats a good cup of coffee, and we here at The Edit Macau love our daily dose of caffeine. Over the past few years, we've seen a boom in the number of hole-in-the-wall coffee shops around Macau, all with their own unique themes and services offered. The problem though is that, more often than not, these cafes are hard to find. So welcome to our newest segment: Coffee Break, where we make it our life's mission to find, try, and then review, every coffee shop in this little S.A.R. 

Let's kick things off with our first Cafe Review -  Wonderwall Cafe. 

VENUE: Wonderwall Cafe

ADDRESS: Macau, Rua Do Volong, No.54-AEDIF. Nga Loi, RC-B, Macau

OPERATING HOURS: Sun-Thurs 11:00 - 21:00 | Fri & Sat 11:00 - 00:00 

CONTACT NUMBER: (+853) 6555 3650

Situated along the old Portuguese street called Rua do Volong,  Wonderwall Cafe is a hidden gem of a cafe. It's not easy to spot from afar, but once you're in the vicinity, their outdoor table and interesting layout will catch your eye.

We could best describe Wonderwall Cafe as an artistic, hipster, and chill space for a cuppa. It's out-of-the-way location makes it a perfect place for meet-ups, hangouts, or even some me-time. The sitting area is spacious and features lovely wooden furniture, dried flowers, vintage beer, racks of wine bottles, and inspirational words printed on large frames. The outside area is equally pleasing, as it is located in one of Macau's most scenic streets. Take an OOTD snapshot or two!

Menu-wise, the Cafe's menu isn't as overwhelming as larger-scale cafes. They have all the regulars - cappuccinos, flat whites, and lattes, which can be served hot or iced. The coffee is delicious in that perfect cup sort of way, and they could prepare fancy latte art too! If you're feeling famished, Wonderwall Cafe also serves a few food choices like salads, toasties, and even some desserts.

If all this intrigues you, go check them out for yourself! And don't forget to show us your pictures , when you do - use the hashtags #theeditmacau and #coffeeeditmacau on our Instagram page: @theeditmacau

Stay tuned for more Cafe Review coming soon!

Trending | Statement Earrings for Spring

Wednesday, April 04, 2018
Yes it's true ladies! What you need to spice up your look this spring are a pair of chunky, statement earrings. There are so many iterations you could choose from nowadays, including drop earrings, hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, or the ever-stylish work-approved studs.

Earrings: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

For an edit-approved look, wear your hair up, wear your best jaw-skimming earrings, and wear a top that shows off your decolletage for the ultimate low-key sexiness, and please remember to dial down on the other accessories.

We'll be showing you some amazing looks by the locals soon, so stay tuned!

In the Spotlight | Kate Cenon

Wednesday, April 04, 2018


Cap & Bag: H&M
Barbie Bodysuit: Missguided
Trousers: Pull & Bear
Shoes: Adidas
Fur: (thrifted)

Name: Kate Cenon
Age: 24 Years Old

Kate is a local Macau-based blogger, and vlogger. She focuses on OOTD's, makeup looks, and lifestyle tidbits on her blog and vlog.

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