Floral Arrangements and Homeware at The Grey Green

Within the bustling streets of the city stands The Grey Green, a dainty little two-story flower shop filled with blossoming roses, carnations, gladiolus, and many more. From the outside their whole building has a minimalist design, just plain grey and white walls, and big window panes. Although, once you see the entrance and the inside you'll be amazed by all the greenery. Hence, the name - The Grey Green.

VENUE: The Grey Green

ADDRESS: Avenida Dr. Mario Soares, S/N Posto De Atendimento E I.C., R/C Posto MACAU

OPERATING HOURS: Daily 10:30 - 19:30

CONTACT NUMBER: (+853) 2850 9180

INSTAGRAM: @thegreygreen

At the entrance, you could choose from all the available flowers to curate your own bouquet and they would help wrap it up, enclosed with The Grey Green sticker. You could also purchase pre-made bouquets that are all beautifully made with fresh flowers and special arrangements. However, the latter needs to be ordered in advance. 

In addition, they also sell home-ware, potted plants, body care items, candles, and greeting cards. 

Their interiors beautifully presents their aesthetic and theme. White painted walls, wooden shelves and furniture, decorated plants, as well as a unique ceiling piece. Definitely a must-visit around the busy streets of Macau.

If all this intrigues you, go check them out for yourself! And don't forget to show us your pictures , when you do - use the hashtag #theeditmacau on our Instagram page: @theeditmacau

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